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"It’s a summer of colors, especially primary colors. The life of a two-and-a-half-year-old is packaged with redder reds, bluer blues, yellower yellows. No mauves or fuchsias or taupes. Toddlerhood is the first critical lock in the canal of capitalism, when lifelong brand loyalties are forged, so the designers, packagers, architects, and marketers all possess the same palette. On Thomas & Friends DVDs, Thomas the Tank Engine is blue, James is red, and Molly is yellow. Shading will come later."

ISBN-13: 978-0692145340 (William J. McGee)

ISBN-10: 0692145346

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* Semi-Finalist, James Jones First Novel Competition

* Semi-Finalist, William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition

* Honorable Mention, New England Book Festival Competition

* Named in ​“The Books That Every Modern Man Needs to Read,”

* Named in “5 Best Books To Give To Your Dad,”

* Named in “12 Christmas Gifts for Literature Addicts,”

* William J. McGee’s magnificent novel is everything a reader could want in a book: heartbreaking, hilarious, emotionally raw, and still packed with suspense on every page. This is a laugh-through-your-tears kind of novel—a story of fathers and sons, family and friendship, and the frequent tragedy of romantic love. An absolutely wonderful achievement.

—KATHERINE TAYLOR, author of Valley Fever and Rules for Saying Goodbye

* Smart, funny, and deeply moving, HALF THE CHILD offers a fresh and refreshing take on the perils of parenthood and the healing of damaged families.

—JUDITH STONE, author of When She Was White: The True Story of a Family Divided By Race

* This is the real thing: a fine, smart novel with the sharp, ringing sound of truth. I loved everything about it—how compelling, utterly immersive the story is, and how confident the storytelling; that it’s an irresistible page-turner but at the same time it’s thoughtful and precise, and wise (occasionally wise guy) in its observations about how we live now and get on, or don’t get on, with the people in our lives. And it may just be the best novel I’ve ever read about a father’s love.

—TOM De HAVEN, author of It’s Superman! and the Derby Dugan Trilogy

* American publishers believe there is no market for novels about devoted dads, but HALF THE CHILD is resonating with both women and men, as well as the grown children of custodial battles.


The bond between a parent and a child is impossible to describe in a few sentences.  In this book, though, William J. McGee conveys the rapport between a father and his young son by relating their thoughts, words, hopes, fears, and activities over four summers.  In a remarkable way, they teach each other the meaning of trust and love.

Dr. WILLIAM BERNET, President, Parental Alienation Study Group

* HALF THE CHILD is an important read for all separating parents, so they can better understand the effects of their actions on the children involved...I would highly recommend HALF THE CHILD as a requirement for participation in conflict resolution.

—DIANA BOGGIA, author of Parenting with a Purpose

* HALF THE CHILD is an amazing account of what it is like to be an alienated parent and to have your child abducted...William J. McGee is able to convey the intense pain one feels when a child is completely cut off from the parent. His anguish is palpable. The book is a page-turner.

—Dr. LYNN STEINBERG, therapist, mediator, expert witness

* This novel takes you inside the relationship and struggles of a divorcing dad and his toddler son--a rare, compassionate view.

—MICHAEL N. McGREGOR, author of Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax

* Great book alert! HALF THE CHILD is an extraordinary account of parental devotion. Part love story, part thriller, it’s beautifully written with nuanced characters in a compellingly told story. I can’t recommend it more highly.

—NICK GALIFIANAKIS, cartoonist, artist, author

* Written by someone of lesser talent, HALF THE CHILD would come across as way too over the top to be believed. But McGee is a thoughtful and gifted writer whose voice rings true...At turns, HALF THE CHILD is heartbreaking and hopeful. It is filled with suspense, humor, anger, and intimacy, truly a grand achievement in story-telling. McGee is a writer to watch for, and I can’t wait to read more of his work.


* HALF THE CHILD is an incredibly moving story of a father who tries to maintain his stability and nurture his relationship with his son from the ages of two to five in the aftermath of divorce...I believe [McGee] can count on the grassroots to understand, appreciate, and embrace his work, and I would encourage everyone to be a part of that movement.

—ELIZABETH A. RICHTER, The Readers Rag Blog

* This is an interesting and well-written novel.


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